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See how leading REBT therapists help audience volunteers’ deal with everyday problems, followed by questions and discussion. Difficulties addressed range from family, work or relationship issues. Demonstrations are guaranteed to be educational and stimulating!

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Place: Albert Ellis Institute 145 East 32nd Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10016

Presenters: Kristene Doyle, Ph.D., Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D., Michael Hickey, Ph.D. & John Viterito, LPC

Pre-Registration is $15, payment at the door is $20.

-- No tickets are mailed out. Registrants will have their names added to our list. --

Choose a date: January 22, 2016 - Kristene Doyle, Ph.D.
January 29, 2016 - Windy Dryden, Ph.D. *7:30 pm
February 19, 2016 - John Viterito, LPC
February 26, 2016 - Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.
March 4, 2016 - Kristene Doyle, Ph.D.
March 11, 2016 - Michael Hickey, Ph.D.
March 18, 2016 - John Viterito, LPC
April 8, 2016 - Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.
April 22, 2016 - Kristene Doyle, Ph.D.
May 6, 2016 - Kristene Doyle, Ph.D.
May 13, 2016 - Michael Hickey, Ph.D.
June 10, 2016 - John Viterito, LPC
List Price: $20.00
Price: $15.00

Fun As Psychotherapy


by Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

In the CD, “Fun As Psychotherapy,” Dr. Ellis explains how humor and fun are great tools in psychotherapy, and in particular, their use in REBT. Dr. Ellis discusses how we disturb ourselves by taking things too seriously, or on the opposite extreme, not taking things seriously enough. Instead of wanting and desiring, people often command and demand (musts) which leads to defeat. It is the goal of therapy to combat over-seriousness, and using humor is a useful method to do so.

3 oz. (CD014)
Price: $19.95

How to Achieve a Healthy vs. Addictive Relationship


by Theresa Exner, Ph.D.

“How to Achieve a Healthy vs. Addictive Relationship” explains the difference between enjoying love and relationships compared to the extreme need and drive to have a relationship. Dr. Exner asks listeners to examine their own relationships for jealousy and self-sacrificing behaviors and to identify desperation demands (“I must be loved and they must love me.”).

3 oz. (CD035)
List Price: $19.95
Price: $10.00

How to Be a Perfect Non-Perfectionist


by Albert Ellis Ph.D.

In this informative and enlightening CD, Dr. Albert Ellis says that demandingness of the self, others and the world around us is the key to perfectionism. He provides clues for how you can determine if you are perfectionist, and discusses the specific origins of perfectionism. Learn how perfectionism and its related irrational beliefs are associated with emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger, as well as behaviors such as procrastination, indecision, and avoidance of social situations. You can strive to be your personal best, while being gentle on yourself, with the help of Dr. Ellis’ strategies for working against perfectionistic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

3 oz. (CD008)
Price: $19.95

How to Be Happy Though Human


by Albert Ellis Ph.D.

In this audio CD, Dr. Albert Ellis discusses some of the commonalities that often cause individuals to be unhappy. He argues that as humans, we are both biologically and sociologically prone to ways of thinking and behaving that block us from being happy. When human beings experience unhappiness, they often look for causes that are exclusively external (undesirable aspects life), and are not aware that there are also internal causes (irrational thought processes) for their unhappiness.

3 oz. (CD015)
Price: $19.95



by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. and Chip Tafrate, Ph.D.

Effective methods to help you cope better when frustrated, and assert yourself without overreacting.

165 Minutes

5 oz (CD056)

Price: $29.95

How to Control Your Anger Before It Controls You


by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. and Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph.D.

“How to Control Your Anger Before It Controls You” is a terrific resource for both professionals and individuals interested in the application of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to anger problems. By presenting important reasons and case examples that illustrate the grim costs of anger, readers are persuaded anger reduction will lead to more healthy physical and psychological outcomes.

11 oz (B180)
Price: $14.95

How to Control Your Anxiety


by Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

Helps you control your anxiety in social, job, sex/love, performance, and other situations.

18oz (B197)
Price: $14.95



by Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

In “How to Deal with Difficult People,” Dr. Ellis describes the difficult people that we have to deal with in life, and explains how to manage them. The listener learns that when they become enraged and upset by difficult people, they are letting these difficult people upset them. The ABC’s of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) are reviewed. The activating event (A) being the difficult person, and unhealthy emotional consequence (C) being intense anger or sadness.

3 oz. (CD007)
Price: $19.95

How to Develop Self Confidence


by Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

“How to Develop Self-Confidence and a Positive Self-Image Permanently and Forever”is an interactive audio program that provides individuals with a way to develop self-confidence by identifying and challenging self-defeating beliefs and attitudes. Dr. Michael Broder explains how negative beliefs and attitudes contribute to low self-confidence and challenges listeners to aim toward total self-acceptance as a way to develop a positive self-image.

3 oz. (CD049)
Price: $19.95

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